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Ultrasound of the prostate Kyiv

Perhaps the title of the article sounds non-trivial, but it conveys the essence: we are in Kyiv, and the article will be about ultrasound of the prostate.

Ultrasound of the prostate Kyiv

Let's start with the fact that ultrasound (ultrasound examination) is absolutely safe for the body, and a fairly simple instrumental method of diagnosis. However, it is very informative for the doctor. Ultrasound can be done as many times as you want, without harming the patient, and get reliable data on the state of this or that organ at the moment.

Therefore, it is quite common in medicine.

Ultrasound is also used quite actively in urology. Most often, these are two main vectors:

  1. to clarify the diagnosis, rule out or confirm suspected diseases;
  2. to monitor the patient's condition during treatment. In this way, the doctor sees what result the patient gets in terms of dynamics, and if necessary, adjusts the appointment.

As a rule, men are usually prescribed an ultrasound of the prostate and an ultrasound of the bladder in a complex.

Or, for a more accurate understanding of the situation, TRUS (transrectal) examination of the prostate may be prescribed, together with an ultrasound of the bladder.

The reason for undergoing this study is the following symptoms: pain, discomfort, urination disorders, sexual dysfunction. Because the cause of all these conditions is most often the prostate itself.

Ultrasound of the prostate allows:

It is especially important to do an ultrasound of the prostate once a year as a preventive measure for men after 40 years of age, since pathologies can develop secretly, without showing signs. Including, asymptomatically, oncology of the prostate gland can develop. Ultrasound examination allows you to see the state of the prostate, and to stop negative processes in time, preventing the development and chronic condition.

We invite you to do an ultrasound of the prostate (Kyiv) - at the SMC "Urological Practice".



1. Ultrasound of the prostate, bladder UAH 300
2. Transrectal ultrasound examination of the prostate, seminal vesicles, residual urine UAH 350
3. Ultrasound of the bladder UAH 250
4. Ultrasound of kidneys, bladder UAH 300
And other types of ultrasound


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In which cases is ultrasound NOT prescribed?

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